Daily Savings 3

This product is for members who are in business and who wishes to to save on daily basis. The essence of this product is to encourage savings culture among members. Members who save daily for 90 days without withdrawal are eligible for a 1.5% interest rate on the amount saved. FITSAL daily savings product is easy and flexible because savings are done at the member’s door step or business area. I.e. members who wishes to save daily do not need to come to the FITSAL office to save rather a COLLECTOR (FITSAL Agent) will be assigned to such member and it is the duty of the COLLECTOR to collect the amount a member wishes to save at his or her door step or business area.

Requirements to open Daily Savings Account

  1. Completion of Membership Registration Form
  2. Payment of N2,000 registration fee
  3. 2 passport photograph
  4. Means of identification