Inventory Finance 2

Inventory finance is strictly for members who are business owners and who intend to use this loan to purchase stock for their businesses. This loan product was created to the benefit of Small and medium scale businesses. Inventory finance is aimed at bridging the finance gap by making funds readily available for members.

Requirements to Open Inventory Finance

  1.  Membership registration
  2.  Loan application letter
  3. Completed loan application forms
  4. Copy of utility bill for business address (Shop rent receipt, office space rent receipt, light
    or water bill)
  5. 6 months statement of account from other banks
  6. 2 Passport photographs for the customer as well as one for each guarantor
  7. Signed, undated, Un-narrated cheques for the duration of the loan (one for each month)
  8. Utility bill for residential address
  9. 2 guarantors with 1 signed, undated & un-narrated cheque each, and a copy of their
    valid ID